BSG is an AISC-Certified Fabricator

AISC Certification: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Quality in structural steel is obviously a critical aspect in its safe and overall successful performance. But the word quality itself gets used so frequently that its meaning can become lost. In the steel fabrication arena, however, there is a prestigious designation that stands as a clear indicator of quality: AISC certification. BSG is proud to be an AISC-certified steel fabricator.

AISC stands for the American Institute of Steel Construction, a non-profit, non-partisan technical institute and trade association that’s been in existence for nearly 100 years. AISC certification has become the most respected standard for steel quality in the industry. For companies to become AISC certified, they must meet a rigorous set of criteria that demonstrate not only exceptional product inspection practices but also a dedication to a comprehensive quality management system, one with a focus on continual improvement. Additionally, AISC-certified companies are subject to yearly review to ensure the AISC level of excellence is being maintained.

AISC certification is just one more indication of how seriously BSG takes the quality of its products.


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