Exterior Wall Panels

BSG can provide . . .

  • A faster building enclosure and less time with construction staff in the air
  • A safer work environment due to materials prefabricated off-site
  • Reduced material waste
  • The power of advanced technology and provide detailing services using AutoDesk’s Revit & StrucSoft MWF software
  • Panel structural engineering for curtain-wall, load bearing or lateral-bracing requirements
  • Various sheathing and pre-sheathing materials

What can we do to help enclose a building more efficiently and create more schedule control for you? How can you create a safer erection process that limits the time your team needs to spend in the air? That question drives BSG’s ongoing optimization of our light-gauge wall panel fabrication services. We provide cold-formed framed, detailed, and engineered wall panel systems, including exterior load-bearing and non-load-bearing panels.

Because this panel-based enclosure is assembled in a production facility, it provides you the opportunity to schedule a faster erection and keep the production process on the ground.   Based on our years of experience with a wide variety of buildings, we’ve developed a specialized fabrication process that raises the quality and performance of our wall panel systems—and helps to expedite their installation.

In preconstruction discussions, BSG can work with your structural engineer to design a wall panel system that minimizes connection points, accelerates the installation process, and integrates seamlessly with your structural frame.

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A joint venture of medical professionals set out to build a community-based medical office building to meet the demands of a growing market in Bonney Lake, Wash., with a three-story, 58,500-square-foot facility. BSG provided fabrication services for the wall panel system and the structural steel, in addition to structural engineering services.


  • Fabricating a non-load-bearing enclosure system using cold-form framing
  • Using high-spaced kicker details to minimize connection points and speed up installation time
  • Implementing specialized design features necessary for a high-seismic area

The wall panels, which included brick ties pre-installed to facilitate masonry, were shipped from BSG’s location in Wisconsin. Their smooth installation allowed a faster enclosure of the building, enabling trades onto the project site sooner than expected.

For the structural steel component, BSG used a proprietary welded moment-frame solution from SidePlate. For a high-seismic region such as Bonney Lake, the moment-frame solution works particularly well because it distributes forces more uniformly. It also avoids the use of braces, which can hinder flexibility for future changes to the building’s programming.