Miscellaneous Steel

BSG CAN. . .

  • Help increase the speed of construction by providing whole stair and railing assemblies at the beginning of construction
  • Reduce the rental time needed for lifts and time spent in the air by construction personnel
  • Handle your requests for specialty coatings
  • Can fabricate ladders, stairs, railings, embedments, anchors and more
  • Coordinate with design teams for architecturally exposed steel
  • Leverage the power of advanced technology and provide detailing services using AutoCAD’s Advanced Steel and Revit software

BSG’s steel fabrication services include our ability to provide miscellaneous steel products that reflect the specific needs of your project. At BSG, doing “extra” just means doing it right. We want to know how we can help your project progress as smoothly as possible. For example, we make every effort to complete a building project’s stairs as soon as possible. We know what a benefit that can be for construction projects, saving money on lifts and temporary stairs, and creating an overall safer work environment.

Specialty Structural Engineering Services

BSG can also provide structural engineering and design services for specialty elements like whole stair assemblies, hand-railings, and other miscellaneous steel products. And that means we can do more than just take your drawings and build them. We can coordinate and collaborate effectively with architects and contractors, adding value to a project by creating efficiencies and finding ways to make it more cost-effective to build—without sacrificing the architect’s vision.

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Collaborating for project success

For Fiskars’ new corporate office building in Madison, Wisc., BSG provided miscellaneous and structural steel fabrication services. Specific miscellaneous steel components for the 107,000-square-foot building included a monumental stairwell cantilevered off a central tilt-wall in the middle of the building’s atrium. BSG also provided design consulting on the stairwell to help optimize engineering methods and ensure an ultimately buildable, functional component.

Fabricated structural steel components included a 104-foot-long pedestrian bridge, brought in halves to the project site and installed seamlessly. The bridge sits 17 feet above the road, exceeding municipal clearance requirements. To facilitate its smooth delivery and installation, BSG collaborated closely with the project engineer.